Welcome to Southdown 4x4 Products, Manufacturers of Off Road Accessories for the Past 30 Years.

Suppliers to Land Rover Ltd, Land Rover North America,

The Ministry of Defence, Construction and Mining Companies, Traders and Off Roaders Worldwide.

Southdown has been producing accessories for the four wheel drive market since 1988. In this time we have established not only a brand but a reputation for quality and finish. More importantly products that fit and that have stood the test of time, working in the harshest of environments.

The first products included Front Steering Guards and Front Axle Guards. Front Steering Guards mounting rigid to the front of the chassis protecting the steering box, drop arm, drag link and steering damper. The Front Axle Guard is a full width guard bolting directly to the axle moving with it in any suspension mode. The guard protecting axle components such as the crown wheel casing, differential unit, track rod assembly and steering damper on a range of Land Rover vehicles.

These two products opened a gateway to success for a small family owned business and indeed set the trend to this day in one form or another for Off Roaders across the world.

The company continued adding new product to enhance The Southdown Underbody Protective System. These include Front Steering, Front Axle, Transmission, Rear Axle, Fuel Tank Guards, Side Sill Protection and Winch Bumper Systems.

In the late 1990's Southdown introduced the stainless steel Raised Air Intake to it's range of product. The Snorkel soon became a popular addition. The style consisted of a plastic Ram Scoop to maximise air flow and a Wing Moulding to not only support the base of the stainless pipe but also cover any hole necessary to enter the engine bay. Southdown also positioned the air intake inline with the vehicle 'A' post to reduce vulnerability as opposed to conventional side entry. This proved to be a popular design.

Over time the company changed the make up of the plastic from Reaction Injected Mouldings to Injection Moulded Thermo Plastics. This required a large investment in machinery such as 3 CNC Milling Machines, 1 CNC Lathe for the manufacture of our own mould tools, and third parties, providing a Tool and Die Manufacture and Repair Service for an array of industries. Also an in house Plastic Moulding Service with 1 x 70 ton, 1 x 100 ton, 1x 190 ton Injection Moulding Machines, Regrinding Machinery and Coolers.

New products in the plastic line were added such as: Ram Scoops and Wing Mouldings for Land Rover 90,110,127,130,Series 3, RRC,Discovery 1 and Discovery 2; Jack Isolator Kits, Engine Oil Funnels, Re-location Cones, Side Stand Puc Pads for Motorcycles and a variety of elastomer adapters.

As the Injection Moluding side of the business continued to expand, the decision to sell off the fabrication side of the business became ever closer.

In 2011 all rights to the Southdown Underguard Protective System were sold off.

In todays market we continue to manufacture various moulded products for the Off Road Market, Raised Air Intakes for a large proportion of the Land Rover models.

Don't Get Caught Out! Use a Southdown Raised Air Intake!!